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 < Picture taken at my book launch in 'Book Stop', Tavistock, 2008.




Position: Proprietor (and sweeper-upper)

Name:  Maureen (normally called Mo by parents/children)

Age:  40 - 60 (but this may never be updated)!


Degree in English Language with Literary Studies BA Hons.

Certificate in FE Teaching (ESOL) 

Diploma in Teaching Math 

Do you feel your child is not reaching their full potential?  Are they struggling with certain subjects?  This can lead to a lack of confidence or even switching off completely; I have a proven track record that a 1-2-1 tuition can turn this around.

It is impossible for any classroom teacher to give individual attention throughout a lesson but I am able to support them by working on the exact areas where they feel your child needs extra help.  I have been tutoring for many years now, supporting children from surrounding Primary/Secondary schools: also working with Dyslexia and Autism.

Some have come for the 11+ tuition, which I believe to be essential, as they will not have come across this kind of exam paper before and competition for a grammar school is now very high.

Some have come because their GCSE/SATs are imminent and they are having a last minute 'panic', while others have started with me at Primary and continued through into Secondary.

Some have come because they struggle with learning their Times Tables: or is it just that they like the kittens,puppies, 'Curly Wurlys' and 'Smarties' that are invariably involved?

Whatever the reasons, don't just take my word for it: here are some of the comments from parents/children:


"I'm really pleased how ***** is getting along, his confidence have soared and he now 'has a go' instead of crumpling in a heap!"  Kate, Tavistock.

"Thank you for helping ***** with her maths... she said 'that was really cool'.... she was up the next morning, doing a multiplication on her white board! Thanks very much!"  Anna, Plymouth.

"I doubled my score in school tests within 2 months. It is fun and I have told my friends."  Corey, Tavistock.

"Without tuition, I think I would have got zero in the 11+!"  Christian, Tavistock.

Enough said?